At no time “censoring” Mr. Vorha for his speech, but “censuring” him for the problems he created for our party.


Weighing in on Arvin Vohra

Well, here is the short skinny... He is the Vice Chairman of the Libertarian Party and has made some disparaging remarks about those of us that have served in the US Military. He has re-explained his comments, but has not sincerely apologized for his remarks. Those of you who know me, realize that I will … Continue reading Weighing in on Arvin Vohra

The Dawning of Another Libertarian Blog

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Will Dettmering. I am not a member of a society, because the concept of society is completely fraudulent. I am an individual that yearns to keep myself, and my property, free and independent. My desire is to preserve what little liberty I have and to expand those liberties … Continue reading The Dawning of Another Libertarian Blog