My most pressing issue this coming November is getting Liberty Minded voters to focus on one central issue when backing a candidate.  This is at all levels of government. Too often, we are distracted by the shiny balls that are tossed into our eye-line by the mass media.  People start talking about alleged remarks and … Continue reading ELECTION PRIORITIES



I was challenged by a friend about finding a “real” downside to having a single payer health care system. My problem was… where do I begin. They even have this 10 Point Meme that is circulating the web promoting Single Payer. The problem is that 9 of the 10 points are completely false, or at … Continue reading THE MYTH OF SINGLE PAYER HEALTH CARE SYSTEMS


I was in a discussion in one of my Libertarian groups, and someone stated that our cause is on a federal level and not on a local level. I could not disagree more. I feel Libertarianism is a grass roots ideal. It is on a local level that we feel experience the aggression of power, … Continue reading LIBERTARIANISM ON A LOCAL LEVEL


Here is a statement that shocks and angers most political partisans: Libertarians are more fiscally responsible than Republicans and more socially progressive than Democrats. Making this factual statement, in a room of political pundits, is like tossing an incendiary grenade into an enclosed space with only one exit! It lances the very heart of the … Continue reading CAN YOU PARTY LIKE A LIBERTARIAN? (Part II)


It never ceases to amaze me how many people are TOTALLY unaware of what is the Libertarian Party. This is not an accident, by any means. Much misinformation has been disseminated by the other major political parties, the mass media and other detractors threatened by the message of freedom and liberty. It is just as … Continue reading CAN YOU PARTY LIKE A LIBERTARIAN? (part 1)

Are We All Guilty of Theft?

Between reading my Libertarian stuff and my bible reading, a thought occurred to me... are we all guilty of theft?  We sit in our homes and justify the having taxes taken for this road... or that service, that we use and enjoy.  However, do I ever think about the people that are struggling with less … Continue reading Are We All Guilty of Theft?

Faith in the Assistance of the Public, Not Public Assistance

What would people do without government public assistance? I hear that whine from the left like the constant drone of tinnitus. The mock sincerity and insidious fear-mongering of this question is extremely tiring. The fact of the matter is that the American public has historically been generous and caring toward the less fortunate in their … Continue reading Faith in the Assistance of the Public, Not Public Assistance

The War on Individualism

First, let us define “individualism.” Individualism is first, the habit or principle of being independent and self-reliant and second as social theory favoring freedom of action for individuals over collective or state control. It seems self-serving and selfish, however it has the inherent property of “personal responsibility” built within the concept.  This is what makes, … Continue reading The War on Individualism