My most pressing issue this coming November is getting Liberty Minded voters to focus on one central issue when backing a candidate.  This is at all levels of government.

Too often, we are distracted by the shiny balls that are tossed into our eye-line by the mass media.  People start talking about alleged remarks and hair styles.  Not about what really matters.  Eliminating taxes & regulations and reducing the scope of government.

We have other considerations; concerning aggression, property rights, property seizure, etc.  However, if we get caught trying to further narrowing our candidates to various issues we run the risk of being split among various candidates and losing out to a populous statist candidate.

Frequently, I am courted by local candidates that desire my approval.  Yet when I start to converse with them about eliminating a particular tax or government program… they retreat to an apologetic excuses for keeping (or changing) the sacred cows.  So the bottom line is that they want to talk like a libertarian and govern like a statist.  Just another excuse to use personality to get power…. over obtaining leadership via principles.

Once we get our choices elected, we must remain vigilant in making sure they vote against new or increased taxes.  We have to call, write and email these people if they even hint at supporting a new or expansive government program.  If they don’t change their statist ways… we must make it public and start actions to get them removed from office.

All too often we let our guard down and allow them to get entrenched into office and subjected to special interests.  I pray all will join me in vowing to be focused on elimination of taxes and reduction of government for the coming decade.  Perhaps then we can preserve our freedoms and have an economically viable country for our children to inherit.


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