As most of you know, I am a pure… all-in… Libertarian!  Of course, there are many differing factions, flavors and sub-labels of Libertarians that I really don’t have any affiliation with.  I love all the differing inputs, ideas and takes on the liberty subjects.  The one area we come to debate and clarification always seems to be in “freedom of expression” and “freedom of speech.”

Now Rothbard uses the example of protection from harm and loss of income in his “shouting fire in a theatre” example.  This is his envelope as to the level of where speech and expression can be prosecuted as a tort, or as being felonious.


I, however, extend the interpersonal and public conversation to extend to where one is NOT protected from the consequences of “freedom of expression” and “freedom of speech” that some of my anarchist brethren have disagreement.  This has again come up in our discussions concerning Arvin Vohra.  They keep missing the point, by changing the conversation.

We all support ones being able to spew any idea from your mouth, as offensive or disagreeable it may be, without being harmed for it.  UNLESS, in doing so negatively affect neither another person bodily… their property… nor their income then they can be held accountable.  Secondly, it does not protect them from scorn.

This is the hang up that some anarchist may have.  They may have supported Colin Kaepernick’s freedom of expression, but then went crazy when he suffered professional setbacks they cry “foul!”  Admittedly, there have been debate as to his current abilities as an athlete that does not enter into this discussion.

My address to all is concerning “personal responsibility” in all exercises of acts of individuality.  Part and parcel to being independent is in taking the responsibility for your own actions and words.   This is the part that some of my brethren cannot seem to wrap their heads around.

First, NO ONE was ever trying to “gag” Mr. Vorha for the content of his words.  At no time did anyone say that he didn’t have the abilities or rights to express his personal feelings.  But, as an adult, we all know that it may not be wise to express your “personal” feelings in a “professional” situation…. such as Collin Kaepernick had.

The idea is that a single expression, in differing places and times, may have multiple outcomes and effects.  Yelling “Fire!” in your backyard among your friends has a totally different outcome as to shouting it in a crowded arena at the beginning of a concert.  The result of someone having themselves, or their property, hurt in your backyard is negligible.  However, the area scenario could be catastrophic.

Many, like me, feel that Alvin made a misjudgment in “publicly” expressing his “personal” opinion while bearing the title of the National Libertarian Party’s Vice Chairman.  He injured the party three ways:  First, we lost some existing membership over his comments.  Second, we lost financial backing that we previously enjoyed.  Last, he has armed our political opponents with a quote that is going to be difficult to overcome while attracting voters to our cause.

These states, including South Carolina, are exercising their freedom of expression via open discussions and letters.  Discussing and debating the wording of their drafts for all their duly elected county representatives present.  Allowing for open discussion and talk from visitors wanting to make input into the meeting.  At no time “censoring” Mr. Vorha for his speech, but “censuring” him for the problems he created for our party.

Perhaps some of my erudite, hipsters, anarchist brethren need to grab a dictionary from time to time in order to get the story right.  Or at least know what they are arguing about.  Instead, they turn the conversation to a totally obtuse path based on their misunderstanding of language combined with the blind allegiance to a political personality.

It is difficult to discuss and debate if we are not able to speak the same language and at the same level.  So, either all of us must up our game… which I hope we do… or bring it down to the level of the monosyllabic self-titled “Progressive-Liberals.”


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