I was in a discussion in one of my Libertarian groups, and someone stated that our cause is on a federal level and not on a local level. I could not disagree more.

I feel Libertarianism is a grass roots ideal. It is on a local level that we feel experience the aggression of power, or the infringement of individual freedom, on a personal level. Plus, we can experience the promotion of solutions on a more immediate and personal level.

Even the local governments commence with back room deal making. The problems that permeate the national stage have trickled down to Main Street. Big businesses and local employers influence the local politicians in creating restrictive ordinances and new fees & penalties (hidden taxes).


As the front line for Liberty and Freedom, we cannot be lax in our attention to the new governmental constrictions going on around us. We have to be mindful of the distractions and mis-direction that is employed by our local rulers, too.

The construction of a new library is pitched to the public as a huge win-win-win. The elimination of an unsightly property, the displacement of attractive nuisance for undesirable people and the brand new shiny public place. All of this is the old bait-and-switch.

If you examine the situation carefully, the whole project is horrible abuse of power using your money.

More than likely, there have been several deals at play. Perhaps a business district that wants to diminish the possibility of a competitive business district rising. What better way to do that than wipe out competitive business acreage with public buildings and raise the property values and overhead of the businesses around it. Thus artificially raising the overhead of the future competitors. Plus, the political pull of promising to raise the property values of certain real-estate speculators invested in the area. All with public money.

Plus, who would desire a library in this day and age? Public Make-Labs are all the rage and so are Holistic Centers. Where are the public hearings and voter’s referendums. Representation is the general public’s input as to where their stolen monies are being spent.

We sit at home whining, moaning and posting memes about how abused we are in Washington DC. But, this is in our own back yards and we can do something about it. If we are truly desire to take back power from the government and get it back to the individual… than we must start on the local level.


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