Porcupine Pundit

Here is a statement that shocks and angers most political partisans: Libertarians are more fiscally responsible than Republicans and more socially progressive than Democrats.

Making this factual statement, in a room of political pundits, is like tossing an incendiary grenade into an enclosed space with only one exit! It lances the very heart of the partisan-party propaganda that has been systematically brain-washing the American electorate.

The Republican Party politicians have been co-conspirators in raising taxes, increasing spending, and increasing our national debt. They verbally rail at the fiscal irresponsibility of government, and yet, prop up their own special interests and political contributors. The excuses are usually veiled in a shroud of national security or economic urgency.

The Democratic Party politicians have systematically constricted the freedoms & rights of individuals via quotas, regulations and involuntary registrations. They disguised these restrictions in the form of providing benefits and opportunities.

The results of these approaches is identical. It takes more money out of the pockets of the working public and increases the size, power and dependency on the government. From a philosophical Libertarian standpoint, there is little difference in the two major political parties.


Yes, but this doesn’t happen on a local level? No? Consider this. Does your local government make laws that limit what you can do on your own property? Can you remove a tree without government approval? Can you build, or perform construction, without government permits? Can you put up signs for your business without government permits? Does your government rezone private property, restricting its use? Can you have a yard sale without a permit? Does the government provide services that compete with private business?

All of these restrictions and taxes are always under the guise of public benefit and welfare. It takes away your choices, freedoms and liberties. And the major political parties don’t care. The local politicians are just interested in their power, influence and continued financial support from their local campaign contributors.

Libertarians want to reduce the barriers and interference of government in the exercising of free choice by individuals. They also desire to eliminate the theft of money from the populace, in the name of taxation.

It is a scary thing to leave the cocoon of illusory safety and support of the government. This will require taking responsibility for choices and accepting the results of such decisions. However, the rewards often are worth the risks. Also, the reality is that we are all going to have to pay the piper for our government’s poor choices and decisions.

Inevitably, everyone will become Libertarians. Once they look around and find how the status quo has failed them. My opinion is to get out ahead of the game. At least seriously educate and explore Libertarian philosophies, ideals, party platforms and history. It may not be enough to entice you to join the party, but it may be enough to bolster your own political perspective.


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