It never ceases to amaze me how many people are TOTALLY unaware of what is the Libertarian Party. This is not an accident, by any means. Much misinformation has been disseminated by the other major political parties, the mass media and other detractors threatened by the message of freedom and liberty.

It is just as real, and viable, as the Democrat and Republican Parties. Some of the base ideals predate the founding of the United States as a country. Murray Rothbard (Libertarian Scholar and Author) even points out some tenets first voiced by Lao-Tze (also known as Lao-Tzu or Laozi) in the Tao-Te-Ching, the writings which exemplifies his thought. This was recorded in about the 6th Centry B.C.


The cornerstone is focus on the freedom, liberty and rights of the individual. These freedoms and rights are NOT granted by the government. They are “recognized” by the government as an inherent blessing. These blessings must be secured by the actions and activity of the individuals choosing to be governed.

Unfortunately, those very protections intended by our forefathers are under attack. Not by foreign entities and terrorists, nor giant corporations. They are being attacked by our government itself and at all levels. Slowly, en masse, and chipping away out our foundations of liberty like the winds against a wall.

It brings to mind the allegory on how to boil a frog. Dump the frog into a scalding pot of water, and it will jump out. But, place it into a temperate pot of water and it will remain. Even while one slowly turns up the temperature until it is boiled. Never realizing its impending death due to the gradual change.

Can you imagine our forefather’s horror upon learning that we have to pay the government to fish the lakes and streams, gather rain-water on our own property, build a structure on our own land and transfer our own property to another person?

We have been slowly conditioned that we have to contribute to the greater good. But who decided what the greater good is? Who really benefits? Is the benefit worth the cost?

The most recent abuses of power can be seen in the use of executive fiat, or the executive order. This was first developed as an extreme measure to only be taken in a time of National Crisis. Yet, in the last four administrations (being traded off by the Democrats and Republicans) each and every following administrator has tested, and stretched, the abuse of this executive power. Personally, I don’t care which party occupied the White House while the penned was wielded… neither one holds the moral high ground on its use.

So what is the answer to stop this madness? Libertarianism! The belief that government should NOT be able to wield force upon individuals in order to impose its will over their freedoms and property. It should be limited in its umbrella scope over our lives and reduced to a level in which we can have the power and control.

It takes guts to believe in, participate in and join in being a Libertarian. So I encourage you to explore and learn more about our party. If you already believe, go and re-register yourself as a Libertarian… if that is an option. (visit


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