Faith in the Assistance of the Public, Not Public Assistance

Arrested, crime... feeding the homeless.

What would people do without government public assistance? I hear that whine from the left like the constant drone of tinnitus. The mock sincerity and insidious fear-mongering of this question is extremely tiring.

The fact of the matter is that the American public has historically been generous and caring toward the less fortunate in their community. The problem is that the government continues to rub us of our income and ability to do so. People have been arrested for feeding the homeless! True!

Arrested, crime... feeding the homeless.
Arrested for feeding the homeless.

Where the government continues to waste our monies on politicians and special interests concerns, the private sector is still able to do a better job of helping the poor with what meager funds we have left. Just imagine what we could do in our communities… if we had more of own earnings in our own bank accounts?

The National Alliance to End Homelessness reports:

For many city officials, community leaders, and even direct service providers, it often seems that placing homeless people in shelters is the most inexpensive way to meet the basic needs of people experiencing homelessness; some may even believe that shelters are an ideal solution.
Research, however, has shown something surprisingly different.
The cost of homelessness can be quite high. Hospitalization, medical treatment, incarceration, police intervention, and emergency shelter expenses can add up quickly, making homelessness surprisingly expensive for municipalities and taxpayers.

The complexities of managing each individual situation for the homeless persons is much too difficult for the government to manage.  They are not equipped to make judgments that would effectively and efficiently manage funds to both help the beneficiary and conserve the charitable funds to best care for the most amount of beneficiaries.  Why?  Simple… accountability.  If the charitable organization mismanages funds, or mistreats beneficiaries, they lose contributions.  Whereas, the government just continues to demand more funds from us to cover-up their mismanagement.

Furthermore, most of these government agencies are bloated with administrators that occupy most of their time shuffling paper and collecting paychecks.  Meanwhile, the charitable organizations are made up of primarily volunteers contributing time and treasure out of their own personal treasure.

Unfortunately, there is a growing segment of our population that has grown so dependent upon their government check that it has transformed “assistance” into “total dependence.”  The mere mention of improving,  eliminating or even replacing these programs brings fear into their lives.  What we need to do is try to build up the confidence of these individuals and our beliefs that they will be okay.

I still dream of a day that Americans will wake each day with the belief that they posses the intelligence, ability and energy to not just survive without government… but, thrive!


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