The State as a Criminal Band

Murray Rothbard writes, “If you wish to know how Libertarians regard the State and any of its acts, simply think of the State as a criminal band, and all of the libertarian attitudes will logically fall into place.”

I am so glad I got to meet other Libertarians.  I had felt so alone reading one “Progressive” meme after another on FaceBook.  The bombardment of leftist propaganda in the main stream television and entertainment was exhausting.  At times, I started to question whether I was really all alone in my political, economic and world view?


Luckily, the same medium that was delivering my angst delivered to me individuals and groups that shared my opinions.  People that would back up opposing comments against the orchestrated “pile-on” from Liberals on all of the social sites.

Republican, Democrat, Green Party, or any other political affiliation really have a difficult time NOT seeing the State (government) as necessary and taxation as inevitable.  When presented with the base idea that government as viewed as “organized crime”, they are completely vexed.  There political arguments are usually knee-jerk, snarky name calling aimed at a particular party or ideology.  When their favored special interest is attacked for sucking our wallets dry…. There is not enough duct tape to keep their heads from exploding.

But, what if they could just put their social prejudices aside for a moment and think in terms of “individuals.”  Then, they just might see how the world would make much more sense and all lives could experience more liberty and freedom.

One group wants us to fund their sexual reproductive activity, but not make judgments concerning what that activity should entail.  How about everyone taking personal responsibility for their sex acts and fiscal responsibility for the results?  Blasphemy!

But is this outrage really from the populous of individuals… or is it from a State that want to control our lives and population?

The best base for ALL libertarian thought, in my opinion, is two-fold.  One: Society is a false concept.  We are just all individuals trying to find a minimally evasive way to coexist with one another without means of aggression.  Two: The State (government) should always be skeptically viewed as a unit of organized crime that must constantly be monitored and shackled.

With these two axioms in mind, I believe all other Libertarian thought can be explained and expressed.


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